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In 2004, a few families, (who are now on the Board of Trustees of Builders Without Borders of Utah) were invited to travel to Mexico, under the umbrella of a charitable organization, to build homes. The experience was both fantastic and discouraging. Clearly, there was a desperate need to help families who were living in unsound and unsafe conditions. However, when arriving in Mexico, there was no instruction nor direction provided for the building of the homes. Houses were slapped together haphazardly, and one had to wonder why we were paying 5% of our fundraising monies to the charity.

And thus the seeds were planted to create a more comprehensive organization. Why couldn't we start our own organization and have 100% of donated monies go directly towards the projects? Why couldn't we train our volunteers in proper building techniques? Certainly, we can create functioning and structurally sound homes that are tailor made for each family. And shouldn't we include micro-industry and teaching workshops into our philanthropic endeavors?

And so, Builders Without Borders of Utah was created in 2006. All administrative costs are donated. No one receives a salary. 100% of funds donated by contributors goes directly towards the projects. The homes and businesses that we build are structurally sound, safe, and designed specifically for each recipient. And our volunteers pay their own way in addition to contributing money towards the projects.

Each year since our inception, our volunteer forces have doubled, and our micro-industry efforts have multiplied. But most importantly, life-long friendships have been made and lives have been eternally blessed on both sides of the border.